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Symptoms of the French BullDog Heat Cycle

A French BullDog Heat Cycle is a phase in which your female Frenchie goes into sexual activity, much like humans do. Whether you are planning to breed or not, knowing the signs of your Frenchie’s heat cycle and how to help her through it is important.

Symptoms of the French BullDog Heat Cycle

The first sign that your Frenchie is in heat is a bloody vaginal discharge. The color of the discharge will change as she goes through her heat cycle.

You may also notice your dog urinating more often than usual. This is because she is letting males know that she is in heat and releasing pheromones to attract them.

During this time, your dog will likely be more affectionate and playful than usual. If you have other pets, this might cause a bit of trouble for them as she might be more aggressive or even get pushy.

It’s best to keep your Frenchie away from other dogs and keep her inside at this point unless you’re sure she won’t get into fights.

A lot of females aren’t spayed, which means they will go through heat cycles more than once per year. It takes a couple of years for your female’s hormones to normalize.

The frequency of her heat cycle varies from dog to dog, but the average is about once every six months. Some larger breeds have more than one cycle each year, while smaller dog breeds can come into heat more frequently than that.

When your Frenchie is in heat, you can expect a bloody vaginal discharge and a larger vulva. During this time, she will appear anxious and distracted, she’ll pee more than usual, and her eyes will be more alert.

Some of these symptoms may make your dog seem unattractive to males, so it’s best to keep her away from other male dogs during this time if you’re not interested in breeding her.

Other behavioral changes include flagging, or lifting her tail to the side and pushing her hind end into a male dog’s face as if she is inviting him.

While your Frenchie is in heat, she will need to urinate more frequently than usual because her body is producing a high concentration of urine. This can result in accidents on your floors and furniture.

You can keep your Frenchie in a puppy diaper while she’s in heat, which will minimize any mess she makes. Be sure to keep her dog diaper secured and clean up any spills as quickly as possible to avoid a buildup of bacteria and hot spots on your furniture or carpet.

When your Frenchie is finished with her heat cycle, she’ll stop urinating and her vulva will return to its normal size. She may even lose interest in interacting with males again.

The final stage of her heat cycle is called anestrus, which lasts two to three months. She will again lose interest in interacting with males and you should be able to let her go outdoors when this happens.

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